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The Bad Side of Modern Technology

Technology is not all good!

Some folks say that technology is our future but what exactly does that mean to our future? Well, some technology can serve a positive purpose such as teleconferencing, computers and other technologies. But technology can also be utilized for negative things such as video conferencing and computer generated imagery. And although technology can serve a positive purpose for our society, it can also serve a negative purpose such as the increasing unemployment numbers and the decreasing job market.

negative effects of technology

In addition, some of the negative impacts of technology may stem from the way people use it. One negative impact is the way that people communicate through technology. For example, text messaging can cause people to lose the verbal cues that they would otherwise use when talking to someone face to face. Text messaging may also cause people to become addicted to text messaging as some people cannot text on their cell phone if they are at work because they might lose their job. And unfortunately, the decrease in the number of computer users has also led to more people being addicted to texting their girlfriends or boyfriends rather than calling them.

You can be anyone!

Another negative impact of the Internet is the way that it allows anonymity. Technology allows you to say whatever you want to say and people in a majority of online forums can see your comment. So, not only can your comment to be seen by everyone, but now you can be seen by the entire world as well! That means that you might post something about how ugly the person who is working at the office is and this could spur on a person's emotional roller coaster. That means that instead of getting some peace and quiet, the person might begin to feel stress out and then snap and start picking fights with random people over things that don't even exist.

Of course, the most obvious negative effects of technology is that it causes eyestrain. This is because we no longer have the opportunity to take a break or step away from our computers for a few minutes. Now, we must stay glued to our computer monitors for hours on end and this may lead to computer eyestrain. The longer we spend glued to our screens, the more we strain our eyes and the more we develop dry eyes and headaches.


However, there is also another major negative impact of the industrial revolution that most people do not recognize. Namely, the fact that people use their cell phones while they are driving! While this may seem like a strange occurrence, it is true and the evidence is piling up. It seems as though every time that a driver gets behind the wheel, they are in constant contact with their cell phone. This is bad for several reasons but the main one is that it distracts them from seeing the road.

So, although the industrial revolution may have started out great, the negative effects of it have now reached epic proportions. In fact, we are now starting to feel its negative effects in almost every sphere of our lives. For example, if you are using your cell phone while driving, you are putting yourself at risk of a traffic accident. You are putting everyone around you at risk, especially if you are driving in heavy traffic. So, as you can see, the issues of the past and present are directly related to the way that we use technology.

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